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Samsung Smart TV is recording your private conversations

Samsung’s privacy policy includes details that its Smart TV voice recognition feature may pick up on personal conversations and transmit private communications to third parties. Buried in the privacy policy related to the smart television, Samsung advises users to be aware that any snippets of conversation might be captured by the software which allows them to… Read More

Samsung reports largest profit decline since 2011

Competition from a strong smartphone market has pushed Samsung’s annual revenue down for the first time in three years. The South Korean firm confirmed today (paywalled) that it has seen its operating profit fall by 32 per cent, down to $22.6bn (£15bn). Operating profit was measured at Won5.2tn (£3.1tn) in the final quarter of 2014, dropping… Read More

Samsung to invest $14.7 billion in South Korean chip facility

In the light of Samsung’s diminishing grip on the smartphone market, the South Korean tech manufacturer, currently the largest IT company in terms of revenue, is to invest in a new microchip manufacturing facility 47 miles south of Seoul. The new plant will create 150,000 jobs in the city of Pyeongtaek, which currently has a… Read More

Samsung reveals Gear VR headset and curved screen smartphone

Samsung has today unveiled a virtual reality headset and a smartphone with a Quad HD resolution display that curves around one side of the handset. Launched at the IFA tech trade event in Berlin, the Samsung Gear VR attaches onto the Galaxy Note 4 to create a virtual reality environment. Among other uses, the headset… Read More

Samsung, Dell and Intel to form Internet of Things Consortium

Samsung Electronics, Dell and Intel have teamed up to set the digital standard for everyday items, such as light bulbs, refrigerators and thermostats, to promote the development of a controlled Internet of Things. The launch of the group, named the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC), comes just months after the non-profit Linux Foundation announced their AllSeen Alliance, led… Read More