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Samsung smart devices to support open IoT standards

After announcing the launch of its SmartThings home hub yesterday, South Korean technology giant Samsung has revealed that it will allow its devices to integrate with those of its rivals. According to Samsung Europe’s VP of marketing, Rory O’Neill, the company’s new smart watch Gear S2 will be the first in a collection of devices… Read More

Samsung reveals 16TB SSD – ‘world’s largest’ storage drive for data centres

Samsung has this week announced the release of its new 3D vertical-NAND flash memory chip, which it claims is the world’s highest capacity computer storage device. The PM1663a drive, which has a formatted capacity of 15.36TB, has been designed exclusively for use in data centres and industries with huge demand for speed and capacity. The high-performance… Read More

Samsung faces lawsuit over smartphone bloatware

Samsung is facing a lawsuit in China for installing too many apps onto its smart devices. A consumer protection group suing the electronics giant and Chinese vendor Oppo has demanded that the industry do more to rein in bloatware. The Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission yesterday filed a public interest lawsuit against the two manufacturers, arguing… Read More

Samsung ‘Safety Truck’ looks to revolutionise road safety

Korean technology firm Samsung is developing its latest road safety technology designed to reduce collisions and injuries caused when drivers overtake long vehicles. The idea was inspired by the high incidence of traffic accidents in Argentina, where Samsung operates a large hauling fleet. According to the company, a person dies in a traffic accident every hour in… Read More

Samsung introduces ARTIK chips to power Internet of Things

Samsung will launch a new open platform dedicated to supporting the development of wearables and other smart devices, such as fitness trackers and drones, both simplifying and speeding up the process for developers. The new package, named ARTIK, includes three tiny circuit boards, hardware and software technical support, developer tools, as well as an encryption… Read More