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Samsung brings the transparent display closer in Korea

Today, Samsung unveiled the first commercial installation of its cutting-edge mirror display at an upscale hair salon in Seoul, South Korea. The 55-inch display units act as a mirror while playing media over the mirrored image. Effectively, however, the display represents a (90%) transparent layer over an underlying mirror, and is among the early retail-led… Read More

Samsung’s SmartThings system has massive vulnerabilities

A team of researchers from the University of Michigan has found that Samsung’s SmartThings home automation system had a number of security flaws, which could subvert user settings or even allow hackers access to the home. This is believed to be the first real-world, platform-wide test of the popular integrated home security system, and revealed… Read More

Samsung has begun mass-production of world’s fastest 4GB HBM DRAM

Samsung announced today that it has begun production of the world’s first 4GB DRAM package based on the 2nd-gen High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) interface. The manufacturing advance is intended for enterprise servers and other high performance computing environments. The new chips outperform current equivalents by a factor of seven. Samsung’s senior VP of Memory Marketing… Read More

Samsung launches business unit to focus on driverless cars

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has announced a new focus on developing driverless cars and infotainment systems in its attempt to compete with domestic rival LG in the automobile arena. The chip and smartphone leader has placed executive vice president Park Jong Hwan at the front of the push. He will manage the project which will… Read More

Samsung’s Korean robot factories aim to cut dependency on China

It’s interesting to note how much the automation cold war is being fuelled not by superior advances in the opposition’s technology-set, but by the fact that China is in a position to throw real people at production-line problems that it can’t yet solve without involving them, despite being keen to maintain its edge in eliminating… Read More