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Samsung starts mass production of 10nm chips

Samsung has announced that it has begun mass-production of its 10-nanometre chips, claiming to be the first semiconductor manufacturer to start building the technology on a commercial scale. While the Korean electronics giant did not mention who it is producing the transistors for, South Korea’s Electronic Times reported that the deal is to manufacture Qualcomm’s… Read More

Galaxy Note 7 disaster could cost Samsung $17 billion, plus disposal costs

Today final confirmation came that Samsung is discontinuing production of the cursed Galaxy Note 7, whose explosive overheating problems have dominated tech headlines for the past week – and analysts are estimating lost sales of 19 million phones, and revenue of nearly $7 billion. The South Korean tech manufacturer, which had already recalled 2.5 million… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner images leaked

Images of the iris scanner rumored to be included as a special feature of the Galaxy Note 7 have been leaked online. While the images confirm the iris scanner’s presence in the Note 7, a disclaimer that outlines the many limitations of the scanner has also been found. The iris scanner will be available along… Read More

Samsung Display to split OLED from ‘unprofitable’ LCD business

Samsung Display is splitting off its organic light-emitting diode (OLED) production unit in an attempt to realign strategy in the face of a less profitable liquid crystal display (LCD) business. ‘Samsung Display separated the company’s OLED business division and more of Samsung Display’s workforce joined the OLED business unit. The latest decision was part of… Read More

Samsung to bake more internet ads into its TVs, including legacy models

An insider has stated that Samsung, the largest manufacturer of televisions in the world, is not only seeking to expand the use of hardware-baked advertising tiles in its newer models, but also to use software updates to make the functionality possible for older TVs which did not originally include it. The South Korean company includes… Read More