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Clive Longbottom: Is it all stacking up?

To celebrate the launch of thestack.com, veteran industry commentator Clive Longbottom asks what we mean by a stack and whether we should care what underpins it or just the level of service it provides? When is a stack not a stack? Sorry – it’s not a joke, but a serious question. It was easy in… Read More

Companies are increasingly investing in enterprise cloud & spending could ‘rise 35% by 2017’

Joe Curtis highlights cloud spending predictions for three years’ time, quoting recent research by IHS which states that by 2017 enterprise spend on cloud technology could hit $235bn – a 35% increase from the $174bn expected to be spent this year. These surging figures for cloud-based investment continue to surpass previous projections as more and… Read More

Cloud foundry: Keeping traffic isolated

At the heart of software as a service is a multi-tenanted environment but can we be sure those virtual LANs are isolated. One way, according to Chris Swan, the CTO of CohesiveFT, is to use software defined networking because it can replace the priesthood of network operations with a robot and an audit trail. I… Read More