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Series A funding for Belgium’s FinTech ‘debt collector’ technology

Not all FinTech is blockchain: a company in Belgium has just raised €2.2 million (approx. £1.9 million) in a series A funding round to commercialise software which pursues unpaid debts,... Read More

Salesforce delivers Einstein AI across software offering

Salesforce has announced its plans to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) tools to boost the platform’s smart credentials and will debut the technology at its upcoming annual user conference in San Francisco... Read More

Invested in SaaS? How to ensure your cloud is protected

Jules Taplin, Technical Director at Plan B, looks at the questions worth asking your SaaS provider to avoid unplanned interruptions to your business… With the rise in everything as a... Read More

Teasing apart the public vs. private cloud polemic

The last few years of debate about the public versus the private cloud have been lively, but arguably not framed by the context of how – and which – industries... Read More

The ‘Power Attack’: how to take down a data centre with practically no hacking

Researchers from the College of William and Mary in Virginia put forth an interesting new attack vector specific to data centres – the ‘power attack’. In their paper [PDF] Doctors... Read More

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