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Moscow to track cell-phone users in 2015, to aid traffic analysis

Authorities in Moscow will launch a new system of mobile-phone tracking in 2015 to aid research into potential modification to the transport infrastructure of the city. M24 reports [translated]. The system will be augmented by GPS data in particularly dense and labyrinthine areas, such as ‘old Moscow’. The information will principally be gathered via the… Read More

Putin in talks to disconnect Russia from global internet in case of emergency

Reports have today announced that Russia will enter discussions next week to examine its capacity to separate itself from the global internet in “emergency” scenarios. It was reported in this morning’s Vedomosti newspaper that on 22nd September Vladimir Putin will meet with the Russian Security Council to discuss the probability of cutting off Russia from the foreign… Read More

Russian hacker group steals billions of records in biggest heist known to date

p>A Russian hacker group has stolen over 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from over 500 million email accounts, in the biggest data haul known to date, warned research firm Hold Security. Around 4.5bn actual records are said to have been snatched from over 420,000 sites, including details hacked from top Fortune 500 companies, as well… Read More

Russia enforces new internet crackdown for bloggers and social networks

Russia has enforced a law today which requires bloggers and social media users with more than 3,000 daily readers to register with mass media regulators. Internet companies will also be required to surrender users’ data to Russian security services upon request. Described by some as a “draconian” measure, the legislation ensures that bloggers cannot remain… Read More

Data centres are eating our energy and Russia could turn off the gas taps with severe consequences for operators

This is a big data centre issue as seen from the CFO’s perspective.  Data centres are requiring more and more energy, yet electricity supply prices are rising and those very supplies are being overwhelmed and so the threat of blackouts looms. Factor in that the current tensions with Russia over the Crimea and Ukraine could… Read More