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Russia suspected in Czech foreign ministry hack

Attacks on ‘dozens’ of email accounts at the Czech Foreign Ministry from late 2016 into January have been attributed officially to foreign state sources – with inside information indicating that the Czech authorities suspect Russia is the attacker. The incursions (Czech) were commented on by Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek, who reported that he has been… Read More

LinkedIn pulled from app stores in Russia over data sovereignty

The Russian government has required Google and Apple to remove the LinkedIn app from the country’s local app stores. Justification for the app’s removal comes from the November 2016 court decision in which LinkedIn was found to be non-compliant with a Russian regulation that requires all personal data for Russian citizens to be housed in… Read More

Russia builds ‘deadly’ microwave weapon to take down enemy drones

The Russian government is backing a military research project to develop a powerful microwave-based weapon designed to take out unmanned enemy drones from up to half a mile away. The country’s United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) created the microwave gun specifically to disrupt the electronics of enemy missiles. Using the ultra-high frequency waves the weapon… Read More

Neural net ‘precrime’ system suitable for prospective employees, say Russian scientists

Researchers at Tomsk University have created a computer program that can be used to predict different aspects of criminal behavior using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technology, and have suggested that the technique could be adapted as an effective tool in selecting suitable employment candidates. The team was able to divide survey respondents into classifications based… Read More

Russia unveils supercomputer that can control robot army

A new supercomputer developed by Russia’s United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation can control land, sea and air robots regardless of their manufacturer or control system. The new supercomputer has a specially designed user interface protocol that allows it to unify robotics systems management, by ‘speaking the language’ of various different systems. According to a spokesperson from… Read More