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Technology giants allowing Russian government access to source code

Western technology companies such as Cisco, IBM and SAP are granting Russian agencies access to proprietary information when requested, ostensibly to ensure that access to the lucrative Russian tech market is not blocked. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and MacAfee have reportedly allowed the Russian government source code reviews of their products as well. However, some companies are… Read More

Ransom demands by hackers determined by The Economist

Hackers installing ransomware and demanding payment in order to unlock a device have a surprising method of determining how much to ask for – the Big Mac index from The Economist. Security firm Recorded Future noted that in March, a user of a Russian cybercrime forum posted an advertisement for a new ransomware-as-a-service product called… Read More

Facebook joins foreign tech firms to pay Russian ‘Google tax’

Russia has added social media giant Facebook to the list of tech companies registered to pay the so-called ‘Google tax’ with its Federal Tax Service, as a foreign firm selling digital content within the country. According to local reports [Russian], starting from 25th April Facebook will be required to pay an 18% value added tax (VAT). More… Read More

Government report warns China and Russia dangerously ahead of U.S. in cyberwar capabilities

The recently published final report from the United States’ government Defense Science Board Task Force on Cyber Deterrence paints a grim picture that is very much in line with casual perceptions from news over the last 18 months – that Russia and China have obtained, and are maintaining, a significant lead in capabilities for critical… Read More

Russia tells Denmark to leave ‘smart’ mobile devices at home during visit

Russia has asked visiting members of a Danish foreign policy committee to leave their modern mobile devices at home during a pending official visit to Russia. By ‘home’, Russia means Denmark – not the visitors’ hotel rooms or embassy. Nick Haekkerup, leader of the country’s primary opposition party, posted his surprise on Facebook, commenting that… Read More