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UK workers support idea of robots helping with staff shortages post Brexit 

The use of robots and automation is an “obvious solution” to any potential staff shortages in a post-Brexit Britain, according to a new report. The study indicates that many UK... Read More

Toyota’s humanoid robot mirrors human movement

Toyota’s upgraded version of the human-shaped robot T-HR3 mirrors human movement and now boasts faster and smoother finger movements. The development is a result of the wearable remote-control device becoming... Read More

Scientists develop robot capable of pruning roses and trimming bushes

Scientists have created a green-fingered robot that can prune roses and trim bushes, making light work of gardening chores. Trimbot uses mapping technology to find its way around the garden... Read More

Automation is forcing us to radically rethink the company

The traditional idea of the secluded, self-contained, self-governed corporation will be massively revised in a world where collaboration inside as well as outside the company is vital for success, says... Read More

Robots are empowering special needs children and reducing the IT skills gap

Companion robot Matilda helps Australian teachers create engaging learning environments for special needs students while improving their cognitive skills La Trobe University in Australia has teamed up with a local... Read More

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