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‘Drone bees’ could help pollinate crops as natural population declines

Swarms of bio-inspired drones could be called upon to help fertilise wildflowers and crops, as the natural bee population teeters onto the list of endangered species. Around 70% of global crops rely on cross-pollination by bees and other insects. But climate change and a rise in pesticides among other factors have led to an alarming decline in… Read More

Robots could replace 250,000 UK public sector jobs by 2030

Robots could replace a forecasted 250,000 UK public sector workers over the next 15 years, according to a new report released by thinktank Reform. The group suggests that the public sector could become the ‘next Uber’ and workers should be prepared for the rise of automation and the ‘gig’ economy – where workers support themselves through… Read More

Accenture automates 17,000 jobs without layoffs

Financial services company Accenture claims that it has automated17,000 back office jobs without laying off a single employee. In an interview with Business Insider CEO Richard Lumb said that by retraining staff, they were able to remain in the group without the need for layoffs. At the same time, automation helped the company to streamline processes… Read More

IBM creates Watson-powered robot for eldercare assistance

IBM, in partnership with Rice University, has created a robot to assist the elderly and their caregivers. The MERA, or Multi-purpose Eldercare Robot Assistant, uses IBM’s Watson AI to provide assistance to the elderly and monitor vital signs and environmental changes in a non-invasive manner. IBM also announced plans to work with Italian healthcare provider Sole… Read More

IBM extends Watson capabilities to any connected device

IBM has announced its plans to enable Watson features as embedded services across any connected end-user device. According to the company’s release, a system-agnostic platform called Project Intu will allow developers to extend Watson functionality such as speech, vision and empathy capabilities to new form factors. The development means that Watson technology could soon be popping… Read More