Latest robotics publications

Research predicts cloud robotics market to reach $226B by 2021

GTI, an international group dedicated to the advancement of TD-LTE and 5G technologies, has released a new white paper detailing research into cloud robotics. Among other things, the paper states that the cloud robotics market is expected to grow from $34.1 billion in 2016 to $226.2 billion in 2021. This exponential growth prediction is based on… Read More

Waymo testing self-driving semi trucks

Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo is currently testing self-driving trucks, putting the company’s autonomous hardware and software to the test in a Class-8 semi on a private track in California. Road tests are expected to follow later this year in Arizona, although a spokesperson declined to comment on the specific location or timing of the trials. The… Read More

UK government to direct £17.3m at AI and robotics research

The UK government is set to announce increased support for the British artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics sector as it releases its long-awaited Digital Strategy. According to a gov.uk release, the government is eager to get behind the emerging technology following recent research conducted by Accenture which predicted the AI sector to add an additional… Read More

Foxconn and SoftBank announce $1.2B partnership

Asian technology giants Foxconn and SoftBank have announced a joint venture that could potentially be worth $1.2 billion. While the purpose of the joint venture was not specified, it may be related to recent announcements by both companies regarding plans to expand in the United States. Foxconn will retain a 54% stake in the venture,… Read More

EU Commission proposes rules governing robotics and AI

In a new resolution, members of the European Parliament have proposed EU Commission rules governing robotics and artificial intelligence. The proposed rules will focus on issues of liability, the impact of robots on the workforce, a code of ethical conduct for developers, and the establishment of a European Agency for robotics and artificial intelligence. Liability… Read More