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How robotics is shaping and shifting the next generation of data centre

We are at the beginning of a long and exciting journey, where robotics can complement humans to improve data centre operations, says Giuseppe Leto, Global Data Centre Portfolio Manager at Siemens For everyone involved in data centres, the evolution of robotics is of great interest. It is a topic that is getting relevant visibility in all kinds of… Read More

AWS gives green light for autonomous and cloud-connected robots

AWS RoboMaker simplifies the developing, testing, and deploying of robotics applications, and allows developers to build intelligent robots on the cloud AWS re:Invent kicked off this week, Amazon’s annual festival of cloud where it showcases its latest cloud products, developments and roadmaps. More of machine learning? It’s safe to say that last year’s re:Invent was all about machine… Read More

Data centre automation is no longer the preserve of hyperscalers

Any organisation facing constrained budgets and resources, while trying to deliver a hybrid cloud service offering, should now be looking at data centre automation. It’s not “whether to adopt it”, but “how far to take it” If you want a taste of what network automation can achieve, take a look at the data centres powering… Read More

HPE working with industrial technology firm towards Industry 4.0

HPE is partnering with Swiss industrial robotics and automation firm ABB to get better insights from the data produced in industrial settings. The global partnership will use HPE’s hybrid IT services to help customers make the most of the mass of data that is created by ABB’s industrial technology products. This, the companies believe, will… Read More

Roomba robot cleaner to gather data on houses

A robotic vacuum cleaner that works its way around buildings to clean independently may be used to share data on people’s homes. Roomba, made by American consumer robotics leader iRobot, has been mapping out details of the interior of homes in order to be able to do its job without bumping into furniture. Now iRobot… Read More