Latest robotics publications

Short story: Open Sesame

In the first of three weekend short science-fiction stories focusing on the possible consequences of current technological trends, we find a suburban Luddite with her own take on change… Grace sat in a comfortable chair by the large screen door that led to the garden at the back of her house. The afternoon sun filtered… Read More

Army Medical Center receives help from Da Vinci surgical robot

Surgeons at Womack Army Medical Center are now able to call upon the use of a robot’s steady hands to aid them with delicate procedures. Named the da Vinci Surgical System, the robotic arms replace the surgeons’ hands during an operation. With the robot not able to perform any tasks on its own, the entire… Read More

The robots who will outnumber us must be compassionate, says SoftBank CEO

The head of Japanese multinational telco SoftBank has called for the development of ‘compassionate’ robots as essential to the evolution of robotics in the next forty years – particularly considering his estimate that robot population is likely to exceed humans within 25 years. Speaking at the SoftBank World conference in Tokyo, Masayoshi Son said “I’m… Read More

Robots to replace immigration officers at border control

Airport immigration officers could soon be a thing of the past should electrical systems firm Thales have anything to do with it. The French company unveiled its new robotics technology at the Paris Air Show this week, which promises a faster check-in solution which can identify criminals using biometric data. The innovative technology includes a… Read More

Researchers address ‘state of uncertainty’ in drones

A new research project from MIT is trying to tackle the state of uncertainty in robotics collaboration. The research team is dealing with a type of robot automation called Decentralized Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (Dec-POMDPS) – a set of algorithms used to define the way a system behaves. The MIT researchers are looking to solve the… Read More