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Video conference call etiquette tips for remote workers 

As more people work from home, here are some pointers on getting video conference calls right. Technology is enabling some people to carry on working from home in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But as videos shared on social media have shown, they can end in embarrassment if not done correctly. So here are some tips on holding the most professional conference call possible.

Remote working risks: 6 security-threats facing companies during this difficult transition

As we all adjust to working remotely, security teams across the world are grappling with a very serious challenge. Almost overnight our companies have changed. Well established procedures are being rewritten, best practices quickly rethought, and policies stretched to breaking point.

Business transformation is always a security risk. New technology and working practices need new security measures; but normally this risk is managed carefully, and over time. Covid-19 has not afforded us that luxury. For some businesses the scale and speed of this change will be unprecedented. It is also very public; attackers are aware of the situation and already exploiting it. Below are some of the most serious threats that security teams will face over the coming weeks.

Homeworkers at risk warns cyber security experts amid coronavirus outbreak

People working remotely to help prevent the spread of coronavirus are at greater risk of being hacked because they are likely to be using less secure computer settings, an expert has warned. As more businesses encourage staff to work from home amid the Covid-19 outbreak, a computer science lecturer at Loughborough University has urged workers to check their security settings. Dr Asma Adnane said remotely accessing sensitive business data causes additional cybersecurity risks, and she encouraged anyone planning on working from home to speak to their IT department first.