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How to Support the New “Work From Home”

Is your entire workforce working from home? How can you ensure their productivity? Your on-premises infrastructure for your on-site workforce is fine, but do you have the proper remote infrastructure to support a large number of concurrent connections? The sudden shift in employees working from home has introduced a new set of challenges. From now on, companies will have to ensure that they have a solid remote infrastructure in place. At Login VSI, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about what kind of solutions are needed, and how to ensure that the existing or proposed solutions will work. In this webinar, we will review some of these questions and provide insights on how to solve these challenges, as well as how to ensure they’ll stand up to the continued pressure from an external workforce.

Exhibitors: Getting Started with Virtual Meetings

Off the back of London Tech Show by CloserStill Media, we’ve launched a virtual meetings platform to help make those days at home super productive. If you registered for the event, prior to the show you should have received an email from [email protected] which invited you to activate your matchmaking and app account. If you’re already activated, head to the platform, sign in with your username (your email) and password and start booking in meetings with those you match with/search for.

Cyberattacks on endpoints will rise by up to 40 per cent unless we act quickly

Whether its organised cyber-criminals for whom the current health crisis has just broadened their attack landscape, or malevolent opportunistic hackers with time on their hands, there’s no doubting the rise in malware attacks in recent weeks. Every day we are seeing reports of phishing and hacking attempts which have grown with the enforcement of remote working. Sad as it is to acknowledge, despite every kind deed we witness during this period, the world is full of people with no good intent and we are inadvertently opening the backdoor and inviting them in. What is more, we can stop this, and we need to do it now.

Tips to create an effective remote access plan

Tune in to this free webinar and learn about the right tools and techniques to oversee your organization’s remote workforce, facilitate optimum productivity, maintain cyber hygiene, and ensure peace of mind for you and your IT team.

The final frontier? How to overcome the age-old remote office IT headache

In many businesses, from retailers and chain restaurants, to health services and government offices, it is the local remote branch which is the prime client interaction point and where the business and the customer meet face to face. As a result, it is where initial client satisfaction is formed and the loyalty journey gains momentum. But, as they are often located outside of where a core facility is for customer convenience, these sites typically don’t have extensive IT staffing and therefore lack the technical resources of core offices. But they do require advanced client service applications with local processing capabilities. If every branch office needs to have its IT configured and deployed separately and in-person, costs are seismic and, in many cases, cost-prohibitive. As a result, remote office edge computing becomes a trade-off between costs and managing delays, service roll out, and mixed customer satisfaction.