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Richard Morrell: The glue that binds us

Change can be disruptive and it can bring people together. Software defined networking is set to do both says Richard Morrell There’s a seed change happening in emerging next generation IT. The traditional demarcation between roles and responsibilities in enterprise and cloud computing is blurring. This rising and very real technology paradigm has the potential,… Read More

Cloud 2.0: pinning the tail on the donkey

Has the emergence of more tech-savvy enterprise customers exposed a gap in the ability of cloud providers to engage and service the needs of the masses? Richard Morrell asks if this failure could lock them out of dynamic elastic cloud opportunity I don’t want to start this column with the use of the term Cloud… Read More

Docker commitment to open governance gets community thumbs-up

The move to create a board to help ensure the Docker container project stays true to its open ideals has been welcomed by major industry players. Docker, Inc, the commercial operation behind the eponymous open source project, said the Open Governance Advisory Board was “a next step towards a full open governance model”. Docker is… Read More

Infor’s CEO Charles Phillips talks cloud, UI, and industry focus

Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor, discusses cloud strategy with Larry Dignan of ZDNet following the organisation’s recent partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, and EnterpriseDB. Dignan sees Infor as now offering a real alternative to Oracle and SAP, and highlights aspects of the company’s approach which he believes are key to its success. Excerpt… Read More