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The hybrid cloud: HP acquires former OpenStack rival Eucalyptus

HP has acquired the open-source cloud software company Eucalyptus, in what appears to be a grab for the company’s governing talent rather than its flagship product. Under the terms of the acquisition, rumoured to have taken place for less than $100mn, Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos will become SVP and general manager of HP’s Helion hybrid cloud… Read More

Linux or Windows – Are you on the right platform?

How do you decide which operating system is best for your business? David Barker looks at different versions of both Linux and Windows and weighs up the pros and cons of each. Running any business is stressful. Choosing IT set-ups and which operating system to go for may seem simple but can result in restrictions… Read More

Red Hat buys OpenStack integrator eNovance to boost skills base

OpenStack champion Red Hat is buying one of the movement’s leading integration services companies, eNovance, The main attractions of the French eNovance is its systems integration capabilities which, Red Hat reckons, will help it meet what it sees as a “growing demand for enterprise OpenStack consulting, design and deployment”, and its domain expertise in telecommunications…. Read More

Does open source empower open cloud?

Richard Morrell, Red Hat’s cloud and open source evangelist, peers over his glasses at a school of thought that’s gathering momentum. First up, for the sake of being open, I need to take an opportunity to point out that for 17 years I’ve taken a salary from working in open source. Secondly, I head up… Read More

Sorry to hear that CloudEvangelist podcast is ending. We look forward to supporting your new CSA ones.

For more than two years, the CloudEvangelist podcast has entertained and informed the IT industry in general and the cloud community particularly.  The man behind it, Richard Morrell, is changing roles within RedHat and, to allow him to concentrate on this new direct marketing role, the podcast will be retired in June. The good news… Read More