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Deloitte private cloud solution targets faster VMware vCloud deployment

Consultancy Deloitte has introduced a solution aimed at simplifying private cloud deployment and accelerating its take up. Cloud ServiceFabric uses VMware’s vCloud Suite to deliver pre-configured private cloud technology that is tested and ready to use. It comes pre-loaded with self-service automation tools, scripts and support. Eric Openshaw, vice chairman, Deloitte, said: “Deloitte is offering… Read More

Hand over overseas data, says US judge in totally unhelpful cloud privacy ruling

Here we go again. Another US legal ruling that has implications for us all . According to Diginomica, a magistrate has ruled that Microsoft must give up some emails held on a server in Ireland to comply with a US warrant. The article’s author has focused on the privacy issue (I’m not sure about the… Read More

An eavesdropping lamp that livetweets private conversations – the art of provocation, but is it art?

Wired reports that two artists in the US have built what they call Conversnitch, a device that looks like a lamp but is in fact listening to nearby conversations, which can be transcribed and snippets of those conversations posted to Twitter. Why? To raise questions about the nature of public and private spaces in an… Read More

Cloud giants – particularly Amazon – are investing in voice control to ‘create deep customer relationships’.

James McQuivey, principal analyst at Forrester Research, examines the issue of voice control as the new user interface.  In particular he observes that Amazon has already stolen a lead and is looking to embed microphones into its customers’ lives ‘generating deep insight’ into who we are and then using that information to offer services to… Read More

Stephane Estevez: Is the cloud safe enough to outsource HPC projects?

It is possible to outsource a high performance computing project but does it make sense for your project? Stephane Estevez, senior product marketing manager at Quantum, investigates Let’s be pragmatic, almost everything can be outsourced even high-performance computing (HPC) projects. But the resulting cost to meet specific requirements can be astronomical. It is possible to… Read More