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NSA and GCHQ tapping not in breach of human rights, declare judges

The UK’s Investigatory Power Tribunal (IPT), has today ruled that authoritative bodies tapping major internet cables in the UK is a legal practice and is not in breach of human... Read More

Cloud in the post-Snowden aftershock

The Stack interviews Len Padilla, VP of Product Strategy at NTT Communications Europe. He discusses how the Snowden allegations have changed IT decision-making, and why businesses need to embrace a... Read More

Yahoo faced $250,000 per day fines for refusing NSA data demands

The US government threatened Yahoo with daily fines of up to $250,000 if it did not immediately give up its user data as part of a National Security Agency (NSA)... Read More

The impact of the Snowden leaks on the broader cloud computing industry

The aftermath of the Edward Snowden revelations about spying by the National Security Agency (NSA) will mark a key evolution in the wider cloud computing market, says Gary Kim in... Read More

An eavesdropping lamp that livetweets private conversations – the art of provocation, but is it art?

Wired reports that two artists in the US have built what they call Conversnitch, a device that looks like a lamp but is in fact listening to nearby conversations, which... Read More

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