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National and personal security are on a collision course

It’s convention/expo season, and this autumn’s keynote speeches promise to be threaded with talk of security for the end-user or corporate client. Far away from the ambit of counter-terrorism, business... Read More

Powerful UK consortium recommends ‘digital ministers’ for next government

A collective of major British technology firms have published a visionary manifesto which calls for ‘dedicated Digital Ministers’ in every government department, and a ‘smart migration policy’ to attract wealth... Read More

Scottish Independence could lead to increased network costs for consumers

Scottish consumers could face higher internet and phone bills in the event of Thursday’s referendum leading to an independent Scotland, according to an open letter from the CEOs of six major... Read More

Politics vs. Technology – Isolationist Fears?

We have reached an end to a week that has seen a vast amount of change across Europe. The political landscape has changed with protectionist parties across Europe sweeping seats... Read More

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