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Hacker claims PlayStation 4 jailbreak via FreeBSD kernel exploit

A hacker has claimed to have broken Sony’s protection over content on the PlayStation 4 console. GitHub user Cturt describes himself as a ‘C programmer interested in exploits and reverse engineering’ who also ‘dabbles in game design and web development’, and posted news of his claim to a breakthrough on his Twitter account at the… Read More

Xbox One firmware update removes ‘Region Lock’ in China

Xbox One owners in China have received the additional feature ‘removal of Region Lock’ after its April firmware updates available at 11pm last night, according to gamer reports. Microsoft is yet to officially confirm the open. Previously, Xbox One users in the region were not permitted to access games, videos and other media content from… Read More

Sony indefinitely postpones launch of censor-friendly PlayStation 4 in China

Sony Corp will not now launch its censor-accessible version of its PS4 gaming console in China on January 11th, due to what Reuters refers to as ‘prolonged negotiations ‘ with the Chinese authorities – and the lately-beleaguered tech giant has not set a revised launch date. The version of the PlayStation 4 intended to be… Read More