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Spanish Pirate Bay block scuppered by Google DNS

Piracy-riddled Spain has attempted to block the most popular Torrent site, The Pirate Bay – but is finding that users are circumventing the block by switching to free, open-source DNS... Read More

Microsoft gives Chinese pirates amnesty and free Windows 10 upgrades

Microsoft has announced that it will upgrade any Chinese users running Windows to the new Windows 10 operating system – including pirated copies. Terry Myerson of Microsoft’s operating systems unit... Read More

Pirate Bay and other torrent sites inadvertently unblocked by secure CDN CloudFlare

Torrent-related sites which the UK government ordered major ISPs to ban – including The Pirate Bay – seem to have become available to consumers again due to the sites’ use... Read More

In pictures: The Pirate Bay slowly re-emerges in Costa Rica

As I write, there seems to be a great deal going on with The Pirate Bay’s reported re-emergence under a Costa Rica domain after Swedish police raided the torrent-sharing site’s Stockholm... Read More

BT blocks private torrent sites independent of court rulings

UK internet service provider BT has reportedly blocked over 20 private torrent sites over the last week. IPTorrents and TorrentDay, two of the most popular private trackers, have both been affected.... Read More

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