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Game of Thrones season finale beats all-time piracy records

The finale of Game of Thrones series five is expected to break all piracy and torrent file-sharing records, according to a TorrentFreak report. Under a month ago episode six ‘Unbowed Unbent Unbroken’ broke the record for most downloads over a 12 hour period. However, the hype around the latest episode, which features the shocking death… Read More

Film consortium urges ISPs to abandon ineffective ‘six strikes’ policy for pirates

A consortium of motion picture companies called The Internet Security Task Force (ISTS) is calling for American ISPs to abandon the “ineffective” Copyright Alert System (CAS), which sends up to six warnings to ISP users identified as sharing copyrighted works via BitTorrent and other means, before potentially taking sterner action against the end-user. The CAS… Read More

Music streaming service Grooveshark shuts down in the face of $736mn fines

Online music streaming site Grooveshark has shut down in the wake of a drawn out legal battle which saw the pioneering company face endless copyright suits from top record labels, including a $15bn case from Universal Music Group. Despite arguing that its site mirrored a similar framework to YouTube and was protected by the Digital Millennium… Read More

UK High Court orders block on Popcorn Time

Five ISPs have been given orders by the UK High Court to restrict access to sites offering downloads of popular movie streaming service Popcorn Time – a move which follows complaints from the Motion Picture Association referring to the software’s use as a platform for viewing pirated content. According to the new regulation, Virgin, BT, Sky,… Read More

Netflix to set prices according to local piracy levels

Media streaming giant Netflix has this week outlined plans to better structure its pricing dependent on the prevalence of piracy in a country. In an earnings call to investors, chief financial officer David Wells announced that the company would reduce subscription prices in countries with higher piracy rates in order to remain competitive. “Piracy is… Read More