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New P2P torrent site ‘Play’ has no single point of failure

Legal complications and the constant blocking of online download platforms has resulted in many operators looking for new solutions for staying online in the future. Now, reports are pointing to Play, a new peer-to-peer (P2P) site for downloading torrents that is practically impossible to shut down and promises to be the latest technology to revolutionise online downloads…. Read More

Windows 10 will monitor and disable all ‘pirated’ software and hardware

Windows 10 will block access to any pirated software and hardware it can identify on a PC, phone or other mobile device, according to an updated section of Microsoft’s European End User License Agreement (EULA). The details related to counterfeit programmes comes under section 7b titled ‘Updates to the Services or Software, and Changes to These… Read More

YouTube threatened with Russian blocklist over copyright infringement

Russia’s top internet regulator, the Roskomnadzor, is threatening to block YouTube  [Russian] over alleged copyright violations. The censorship body has officially warned [Russian] YouTube that it must remove unauthorised online copies of two Russian TV shows should it want to avoid being blocklisted. This is the second time that the Russian federal agency has approached the… Read More

FBI extends piracy-hunt to Romania, sites shut down

The FBI have assisted Romanian authorities in the closure of three piracy-based torrent sites in the region. A report from the prosecutor’s office in Romania’s High Court of Cassation and Justice details a cooperative investigation dating back four years which has now resulted in raids and site seizures, including the domain serialepenet.ro, now taken over… Read More

Amazon pulls Kodi media player from app store over piracy claims

Amazon has banned the Kodi media player from its app store on the grounds that it enables piracy. The software itself does not link through to or host any pirated copy, but external add-ons have led to the app being blacklisted. Amazon has been screening its app marketplace for problematic apps that host illegal content… Read More