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Panduit Board Names Shannon McDaniel as Next CEO

McDaniel, who currently serves as the company’s chief financial officer, will succeed current CEO and President Dennis Renaud, who will retire at the end of 2021.

Panduit Launches ITE Adjustable Depth 4 Post Rack

Panduit has launched its Adjustable Depth 4 Post Rack, designed to support network equipment in data centre and telecommunication environments.

Inside Unified Communications in the Smart Office Environment

How would you define ‘unified communications’ (UC)? What does it consist of and what does it do, what functions can be ‘unified’? At Altona, our general definition of UC is the capability to combine many disparate devices within a single system. The point being, is to make connecting as simple for the operator in a… Read More

Is fibre optic cable more environmentally friendly than copper?

Let’s start by saying that in the near term, copper and fibre will continue to co-exist in the many electrical and communications applications they currently support.

Five Best Practices to Achieve Converged Infrastructure

Since the 1980s, traditional building automation systems (BAS) were the solution to managing and monitoring equipment in large corporate buildings. While BAS focused on operational and facility management (FM) requirements, they were complex and expensive. In many situations, the complexity, technical design and siloed nature of the systems constrained operator interactions and led to underutilisation.