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Have we reached the limits of data centre efficiency?

As cloud services become more integrated into businesses across industries and across the globe, demand for data centre services will continue to skyrocket. According to Statista, global spending on data centres has doubled in the past five years, and demand is expected to continue to grow. And as the global data centre market grows, data… Read More

DropBox data centres powered by 100% renewable energy

The company achieved this goal with a three-pronged strategy: maximizing power utilization effectiveness (PUE), optimizing consumption, and sourcing renewable energy.

DC Optimisation – Collaboration Without Constraint

Jeff Safovich, head of product and innovation at automated infrastructure specialist RiT Tech, on why integration – not isolation – is integral to data centre optimisation.

How to optimise cloud operations

Most companies today are using cloud technologies to power their most important products and services, communications and collaboration, but it’s easy to cross the line from spending smartly on cloud services to spending unnecessarily.