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Your hotel room might soon contain its own edge facility

Ian Bitterlin, visiting professor at Leeds University, former Emerson CTO and data centre evangelist, offers his take on the some of the most important and unanswered questions about the edge,... Read More

Here’s what an expert thinks of Google’s AI principles

Last week, Google announced a new set of principles for the use of AI. Spearheaded by its CEO, Sundar Pichai, the principles look to ensure that Google, one of the... Read More

Will disdain for ‘friendly’ artificial intelligence affect how we interact with people?

In The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy the late comedic science-fiction author Douglas Adams presaged by many decades the problems that people might have relating to machines that try to... Read More

VPNs not mentioned once in UK’s terrifying new internet powers draft bill

The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill [PDF] presented by the UK Home Secretary Theresa May to parliament today is currently causing some sensation, since it includes the promise of new legislation... Read More

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