Latest OpenStack publications

How the Met Office is solving the British weather with High Performance Computing

If you’re looking for big data, just look up. Weather analysis requires petascale-class pipelines, with seven-day forecasts needing approximately 2000 time-steps for prediction, and each time-step requiring trillions of computer operations. Weather forecasting and climate simulations can encompass quadrillions of operations for a single forecast run – which needs to be done several times a… Read More

How OpenStack is driving data centre diversity

Nick Jones, Head of Cloud at the UK’s leading OpenStack public cloud provider, DataCentred, explains why an open source approach has been key in developing the platform… Right from its launch, DataCentred has been heavily involved in the open source community. We have become the largest UK owned and operated public OpenStack cloud provider, delivering… Read More

OpenStack demo addresses fears of forks and vendor lock-in

Sixteen major companies have participated in a demonstration LAMP enterprise application of an OpenStack interoperability network at OpenStack Summit. The performance was arranged in response to chariness about how resilient the open source project could be against proprietary, closed systems, and the possibility of the project being strip-mined for commercial forks. The participating companies included… Read More

Snapdeal launches Cirrus cloud service

Snapdeal, one of the top three e-commerce sites in India, has announced the launch of its own private cloud platform, Snapdeal Cirrus. Snapdeal is the first e-commerce site in India to build a hybrid cloud service using OpenStack. Spanning three data center regions, and comprising a dense architecture of over 100,000 core servers, Cirrus represents one of… Read More

QTS unveils OpenStack cloud product

QTS Realty Trust, a leading provider of data center solutions internationally, has announced a new private cloud product. Built on Ubuntu OpenStack, the new private cloud product will be rolled out to all QTS data centers worldwide in September 2016. QTS partnered with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, to develop the new private cloud product… Read More