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IT Remote Work Checklist
With the Coronavirus pandemic resulting in widespread lockdowns across the globe, businesses are now faced with the tremendous task of making an abrupt shift to remote work. Although technology has made it possible for employees to work remotely, is it really possible to adopt remote working as a viable strategy to continue business operations without... Read More

Getting Started with Vulnerability Migration
Three common types of software make you more vulnerable than you realize. While complete and thorough vulnerability management is next to impossible, a few simple steps go a long way toward reducing risk. Download this ebook to discover what steps to take to begin evolving away from patch management toward software and vulnerability management. The... Read More

5 Ways to Improve the Security of your Business
Protecting your organization against cyberattacks is a never-ending task for IT professionals. It has become a day to day struggle, forcing you to double down on your security strategy to secure your business. Download the eBook to learn five ways to secure your IT infrastructure and your data. The eBook covers: The various security threats... Read More

2019 Kaseya State of IT Operations Report
For the fifth consecutive year, Kaseya conducted its IT operations Survey among IT professionals from small and midsize businesses (SMBs). This year 496 participants shared their experiences with the various trends and technologies used in managing IT. Particularly, the role of IT director has changed significantly over the past few years, leaning more towards influencing... Read More

7 Processes to Automate to Improve Productivity and Reduce IT Costs
Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) often struggle with IT budget constraints and lack of resources. Automating processes enables IT departments to meet the challenge of delivering value at a reduced cost. According to a McKinsey report, 45 percent of current paid activities can be automated by present-day technology, which is an equivalent of $2 trillion.... Read More