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First data centre in Continental Europe receives OCP-Ready certification

OCP was launched by Facebook in 2011 as a collaborative effort to redesign IT technology to more efficiently support growing demand for digital infrastructure, chiefly the ever-rising number of data centres that connect the cloud.

2019 was a standout year for the Open Compute Project

A review of the Open Compute Project (OCP) has shown use of the foundation’s certified equipment has risen by 40 percent year-on-year.

The findings come from a report conducted by Omdia and commissioned by OCP which sought to analyse the impact of OCP-qualified gear on the technology industry.

Why future-proofing infrastructure is more important than ever

Perhaps the number one issue facing businesses and society is the need to keep pace with digital transformation. But what does it mean to keep pace with digital transformation? In layman’s terms, think about it like this: The train is leaving the station, and individuals and organisations need to get on board quickly to achieve business goals.

The speed of technological change is constantly and explosively accelerating, with new topographies being rolled out faster every year. As the saying goes, everything which can be is being digitalised. If businesses and society cannot keep up these shifts they will struggle to scale and maybe even survive.

Huawei latest vendor on board with Open Compute Project

Chinese hardware giant Huawei has announced its membership of the OCP (Open Compute Project), joining as a platinum $40,000-per-year member. The announcement was made at OCP’s first ever summit, in Amsterdam. The firm’s membership is the latest string in the bow of the open source initiative. At the same summit in Amsterdam, Huawei’s rival Inspur, and… Read More