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NSA and GCHQ tapping not in breach of human rights, declare judges

The UK’s Investigatory Power Tribunal (IPT), has today ruled that authoritative bodies tapping major internet cables in the UK is a legal practice and is not in breach of human rights. The semi-secret court, which handles complaints over authorities’ surveillance programmes, made the declaration to conclude a case brought forward by Amnesty International, Privacy International,… Read More

Tech giants call for U.S. Senate to curb NSA spying

A group of leading technology firms including Facebook, Google and Apple have joined together to request that the U.S. Senate passes a reform law against National Security Alliance (NSA) surveillance programmes. The coalition, known as Reform Government Surveillance, has written an open letter to the Senate backing the U.S. Freedom Act which could go up… Read More

81% of Tor users can be de-anonymised by analysing router information, research indicates

Research undertaken between 2008 and 2014 suggests that more than 81% of Tor clients can be ‘de-anonymised’ – their originating IP addresses revealed – by exploiting the ‘Netflow’ technology that Cisco has built into its router protocols, and similar traffic analysis software running by default in the hardware of other manufacturers. Professor Sambuddho Chakravarty, a former… Read More

American’s mobile phone data captured in secret spy programme

The U.S. Department of Justice is gathering mobile phone data from “innocent Americans” using technology which can track criminal suspects using aeroplanes, a Wall Street Journal report has claimed. According to sources familiar with the supposed spying programme, U.S. authorities are using devices known as ‘dirtboxes’ on aeroplanes, which mimic mobile phone towers, to access data… Read More

Tor with everything: The ‘dark net’ posited for major browser integration

It’s reported that a number of major tech companies are evaluating the possibility of integrating The Onion Router’s anonymising protocols into core mainstream software – including a major web browser. The latest volley in the very public conflict regarding online privacy is surely a gulp-inducing prospect to the law enforcement agencies currently so vocal about needing to… Read More