Latest NSA publications

Should the U.S. be able to counter-attack nation-state cyber-aggressors without attribution?

The testimony of U.S. Navy Adm. Michael S. Rogers on March 4th – before the House Armed Services Committee on cyber operations and improving the military’s cybersecurity posture – not only paints an unusually vivid picture of a nation trying to re-invent its military infrastructure in response to a problem that it only partially understands,… Read More

Global SIM card cyber ‘heist’ organised by US and UK spy agencies

Intelligence agencies in the UK and the United States hacked into the SIM card database of a major manufacturer in order to steal encryption codes which allowed them to decode data from mobile phones, according to a US report. The Intercept claimed that the breach was revealed in a number of files provided by former US intelligence… Read More

NSA may be linked to hard drive firmware hacking across 12 major manufacturers

Russian security firm Kaspersky has presented strong evidence that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been involved in a globally-organised hacking campaign aimed at the firmware of hard drives. Kaspersky put forward the possibility of ‘tens of thousands of victims’ in over 30 countries, with victims centred in critical fields including aerospace, nuclear research, government,… Read More

Spy court rules GCHQ surveillance was unlawful

GCHQ online surveillance was ruled unlawful [PDF] by a secretive UK court today. The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), the court responsible for monitoring British intelligence agencies, said that GCHQ activity allowing access to data from the US National Security Agency (NSA) breached human rights law. IPT said that the breached European laws related to Article… Read More

NSA hacked North Korean cyberspace prior to Sony attacks

The unusual certainty with which the U.S. administration attributed blame for last November’s cyber-attacks on Sony now seems attributable to the National Security Agency (NSA) obtaining access to the DPRK network as early as 2010. The New York Times provides a newly-released NSA document [PDF] which details how its own operatives used South Korea as… Read More