Latest Norway publications

Power-positive city planned around data centre

Credit: Sparkcity/Miris Norwegian real estate firm Miris has released plans for a power-positive city planned around a central 2MW data centre which would return heat to its citizens. The company has developed The Spark, a prototype model for data centres. In this model, sustainable data centre sites are placed in urban areas with the intention of… Read More

World’s largest green data centre build announced in Norway

The world’s largest green data centre is to be built in the Norwegian town of Ballangen. US-Norwegian company Kolos is behind the project and highlights benefits derived from the Arctic Circles natural resources. The company says the chilled air and ample hydropower will ensure high levels of efficiency and keep running costs to a minimum,… Read More

Google to power European data centres with Norwegian wind

Google will receive power from Norway’s largest wind farm this September, when the wind farm becomes fully operational. That power will be used to supply renewable energy to Google’s European data centers. The Tellenes wind farm will be the largest in Norway when it is completed and operational, with 50 turbines and 160MW capacity. The power… Read More

Massive underground data centre opened in Norway

The Lefdal Mine data center, an underground facility with 120,000 square meters of available white space, has officially opened. Phase 1 of the buildout is complete, and the initial customers will go live in Q3 2017. The ‘mountain hall’ data center was designed as a modular, scalable, and secure facility, constructed underground. Located in western… Read More

IBM opens first cloud data centre in Norway

Today IBM announced the opening of a cloud data center in Festund, Norway, a suburb of Oslo. While this is the 48th IBM cloud data center worldwide and the 12th in Europe, the Festund data center marks the company’s first cloud data center in the Nordic region. It is intended to support the growing adoption of… Read More