Latest NFV publications

Top telcos join Facebook open source hardware project

A new wave of communications companies including AT&T, Verizon, Deutsche Telekom and South Korea’s SK Telecom, has joined Facebook’s non-profit Open Compute Project (OCP), as the movement seeks to share innovative hardware designs and drive down costs in the telecom arena. Tech giants such as Intel, Microsoft and Rackspace already participate in the project, collaborating… Read More

How SDN can help enterprises become a competitive force in the digital age

Kalyan Kumar, Senior Vice President and Chief Technologist at HCL Technologies writes on the importance of SDN in supporting a businesses competitive advantage in the digital age… With the digital age dawning, businesses are under mounting pressure to become more agile if they want to compete. This has led to a huge focus on cloud,… Read More

Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone to deploy VPN services via SDN and NFV

Following a successful trial earlier in the year, Deutsche Telekom has announced that it will be expanding its SDN-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. Vodafone Group PLC is also planning to launch its own VPN service across a variety of global markets in the near future. Deutsche Telekom originally announced launched the pilot for this… Read More