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Shadow IT undermines IT departments

IT departments can no longer be the people who always say ‘no’ and must get used to saying ‘yes’ said Jared Wray, the chief technology officer for cloud infrastructure provider, CenturyLink Cloud. Speaking at Cloud Expo Europe 2014, he warned that staff will ignore IT and go to the cloud without IT approval. He said… Read More

Kemp reasserts value of open cloud at CEE14

Open sourcing software and hardware is the way to avoid being locked in by a vendor in the future according to Nebula chief executive officer and founder of OpenStack, Chris Kemp. Kemp, also previously chief technology officer at NASA, told the Cloud Expo Europe 2014 audience that: “We were building new telescopes and sending spacecraft… Read More

IT as a service can ‘transform how businesses deliver real value’

Evolving from “keeping the lights on” to delivering IT as a service (ITaaS) can provide significant business rewards such as greater agility, flexibility and user productivity. That’s according to Derrick Loi, head of cloud business APAC for Citrix who will tell delegates at the forthcoming Cloud Expo Asia that understanding the strategy, planning process and… Read More

Facebook takes rapid approach to data centre build

Social media giant Facebook has revealed plans to build a data centre at twice the normal speed by using its new “rapid deployment data centre” (RDDC) design, in Luleå, Sweden. Based on the Baltic coast, Luleå was chosen as the site for the first data centre which opened last year to take advantage of the… Read More

AWS opens Windows 7 cloud to public

In opening its WorkSpaces cloud-based desktop computing environment available to the public Amazon Web Services (AWS) is giving cloud users a “complete Windows 7 experience” AWS first showed the concept at its re:Invent conference last Autumn. Amazon’s chief evangelist, Jeff Barr, said on his blog it would “meet the needs of a diverse user base by… Read More