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Beware the rise of the intelligent assistant armed with predictive technology

Venture Beat’s Devindra Hardawar interviews Tim Tuttle, the founder of Expect Labs, who has been looking at how to take predictive technology out of smartphones and into a wide range of devices and creating what he calls “special-purpose intelligent assistants that let you easily find information you need in specific domains”. Excerpt “Over the next… Read More

Why wearable technology needs the power of the cloud to succeed

19/3/14 – A report by David Gilbert from the ongoing Wearable Technology event in London, featuring Intel Furturist Steve Brown plus a video if you fancy it. Essentially computing hardware is getting smaller and more powerful and so humans and various bits of their clothing and accessories (not just naff smartwatches) are becoming part of… Read More

SAP to power its cloud computing infrastructure from 100% renewable energy – what about the rest?

OK.  So, we should own up; the cloud is no greener than on premise computing if it is still powered by carbon. But SAP has at least made a commitment that all its cloud infrastructure – or data centres – will be powered from renewable sources. In this blog GreenMonk’s Tom Raftery assesses what the… Read More

Fear of data leakage drives businesses to private rather than public cloud

Almost two in every three enterprises would prefer private cloud storage solutions over public cloud. That’s according to a new research study of 200 IT professionals conducted in early 2014 by independent panel research firm Research Now. It found organisations are racing to establish contemporary cloud storage solutions that they can control. Of organisations that… Read More

Operator offers customers cloud marketplace

Storage and information management firm, Iron Mountain has created a Data Center Marketplace for customers to shop around for products and services from pre-approved cloud service providers already on Mountain Platform insfrastructure. Iron Mountain claims to offer a neutral platform, “enabling faster implementation times without compromising security and compliance requirements”. The firm says its Marketplace provides… Read More