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If software is eating the world then NFV will be eating networking

Customisation used to mean expensive bespoke systems but in the world of software defining and software implementing, things have changed particularly for the hyperscale service providers. Chris Swan asks if their innovations will come through to normal users and if it will be worth the wait? It’s almost three years since Marc Andreesen wrote Why… Read More

Spot market for cloud services set for 2014 launch

Cloud service users will be able to buy cloud services from a spot market of all major cloud providers this year after suppliers 6fusion and CME Group jointly announced an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) spot exchange. The spot market will list financial products based upon 6fusion’s Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) as the standard unit… Read More

What are the benefits of network convergence?

Network convergence – the delivery of a range of communications services through a single cable – is rising and changing the way businesses work.  This is producing a number of benefits not least to the data centre observes Dr Thomas Wellinger, market manager data centres with Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) Until recently, discrete groups of… Read More

Data centre switch technology to turn on in 2014

27/2/14 – The coming year will be one of major transition for three key data centre switch technologies, according to new research. Research firm Crehan, makes three projections. It says, that on an annual basis: • In Infiniband, a computer network communications link used in high-performance computing and large data centres, 56Gbps FDR (fourteen data… Read More