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SK Telecom and Nokia deploy first commercial cloud RAN

South Korea’s SK Telecom and Nokia have announced the launch of the world’s first commercial cloud-based Radio Access Network (RAN) in a bid to accelerate mobile and 5G innovation. The software-defined offering, or SDRAN, is a cloud-enabled RAN and base station, which will allow for traditional networking functions to be deployed over a standard IT… Read More

4G connectivity could take drones beyond operators’ line of sight

Qualcomm and AT&T have established a partnership to test mobile networks, aiming to prove that they are capable of supporting corporate drone systems. The two companies are attempting to convince regulators that UAVs should be considered as genuine delivery methods, beyond simple stunts and demonstrations. The two network experts hope to show that commercial 4G… Read More

Trident subsea cable chooses Equinix for PoPs in Singapore, Australia and Jakarta

Trident’s undersea cable, anticipated for completion mid-way through 2018, will connect to Points of Presence (PoPs) in three APAC territories via Equinix. The company announced the deal on its portal yesterday, noting that the cable will have interconnection points at Equinix DC operations in Melbourne, Sydney, Jakarta and Singapore. The PoPs will facilitate cross-connections for… Read More

Australia investigates misleading or evasive broadband speed claims

An Australian consumer watchdog is calling for public submissions for a pending enquiry into evasive, vague, inexact or just plain mendacious claims made by broadband providers in regards to the broadband speeds they sell to consumers. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is proposing an enquiry based on a number of key issues, including… Read More

Three will trial ad-free mobile network on 15th of June

European mobile provider Three has announced the date for its first trial of a controversial network ad-blocking initiative that it announced in February. The ad-free day will take place on the 15th of June, when ‘excessive and irrelevant mobile ads’ will be blocked for any of the company’s 1.4 million customers who wish to participate…. Read More