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Hyperscale data centres under fire in Holland

The Netherlands is one of the top data centre markets for European investment, with expected investments of $4.5 billion USD through 2026. However, as hyperscale providers like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google look to expand their footprint in the region, they are increasingly met with protests by local grassroots organizations.

Netherlands power shortage disrupting data centre industry growth

The Dutch Data Center Association (DDA) warned the government of the Netherlands that the power grid is growing too slowly to support technological developments, and is putting the country’s data center industry at risk. In a letter to Eric Weibes, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate, the DDA alerted the government to capacity issues in the… Read More

Equinix opens AM4 data centre in Amsterdam

Equinix has announced the opening of a new $113 million International Business Exchange data center in Amsterdam. The Equinix AM4 facility has space for over 1,500 cabinets in Phase One, and is expected to grow with four planned expansion phases. At full build, the data center will have 4,200 cabinets comprising 125,000 square feet (11,500… Read More

Europol leads new initiative to fight ransomware

The European investigation agency Europol has combined with Kaspersky Labs, Intel Security and the Dutch police to provide a new resource for the growing numbers of companies and individuals affected by the rise of ransomware – malicious software which locks users’ local files and attempts to extort money in exchange for a decryption key. The… Read More

The self-replicating smartphone app that’s ready for the apocalypse – and the censors

Researchers from the Netherlands are working on a communications app so resilient that it can survive communications and power outages, natural disasters, and can self-replicate, mutate and spread virally between clusters of mobile phones, eventually across all mobile OSes. In the paper Autonomous smartphone apps: self-compilation, mutation, and viral spreading [PDF], lead Paul Brusee and… Read More