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Amazon Prime adds iPlayer-style video downloading

Amazon is to allow members of its Amazon Prime program to download Prime-eligible videos to their devices for offline viewing. However the new feature is not on a par with the way you can download MP3 versions of purchased music, without any digital rights management (DRM). The downloaded videos will be controlled and time-limited in… Read More

Tiger Global hedge fund invests $1.6bn in Netflix

In the second quarter of 2015 Chase Coleman’s hedge fund Tiger Global Management bought around “one (point six) billion dollars” ($1.6bn) worth of additional shares in the internet streaming giant Netflix, based on the share price of $656.94 at the end of that quarter. Tiger Global increased its stake in Netflix from 155,877 shares at… Read More

Netflix to set prices according to local piracy levels

Media streaming giant Netflix has this week outlined plans to better structure its pricing dependent on the prevalence of piracy in a country. In an earnings call to investors, chief financial officer David Wells announced that the company would reduce subscription prices in countries with higher piracy rates in order to remain competitive. “Piracy is… Read More

Optimising performance to beat the internet’s rush hour traffic

As IP traffic continues to rocket and the peaks during the busy hour get even spikier, there is a growing need for automation in managing network services says Paul Vian According to the most recent Cisco Visual Networking Index,  global IP traffic has increased more than fivefold in the past five years and will increase… Read More