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Netflix’s liberal VPN policies are not entirely voluntary, executive admits

Global streaming behemoth Netflix has earned reputation points with customers in recent years for its non-judgemental approach to customers’ use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to circumvent the region-locking of its content in various countries. In fact the company has now admitted that blocking VPNs as policy might be impossible in any case. Netflix’s… Read More

Netflix faces new regional rival in Asia

Following the recent announcement that Netflix has launched 18 new Asian markets, a domestic rival has emerged in Singapore from Hong Kong’s leading media group, PCCW. Targeting fans of Korean drama and variety shows, Viu (pronounced ‘view’) promises to deliver an over-the-top multi-screen streaming service of the region’s latest programmes. The content will be subtitled… Read More

Netflix will re-encode its entire catalogue in 2016 to save bandwidth

After spending four years on the project, video-streaming behemoth Netflix is set to roll out a new video-encoding system which promises a significant cut in general internet traffic, and which will involve the re-encoding of the company’s petabyte of streaming data. The new system will encode from the raw source material more intelligently, considering whether… Read More

YouTube Red goes to Hollywood in search of new streaming rights

A report in the Wall Street Journal indicates that Alphabet (the entity formerly known just as Google) is ramping up its incursion into the territory of video streaming giants such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu by seeking out high-level premium content licensing to its new Red subscription service. The report (paywalled) asserts that ex-executives from… Read More

Amazon Prime adds iPlayer-style video downloading

Amazon is to allow members of its Amazon Prime program to download Prime-eligible videos to their devices for offline viewing. However the new feature is not on a par with the way you can download MP3 versions of purchased music, without any digital rights management (DRM). The downloaded videos will be controlled and time-limited in… Read More