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Netflix faces European content mandate

Video streaming giants Netflix and Amazon are confronting a mandate to change their content. The European Commission has drafted a new policy that states that video streaming companies must ensure 20% of content is European in origin. The new policy, which should be announced next week, requires video on demand streaming companies to be held… Read More

UK government supports Britflix streaming

In a white paper released Thursday, on the future of the BBC, culture secretary John Whittingdale encouraged the government-supported corporation to develop a UK subscription streaming service. The service, unofficially called ‘Britflix’, could involve a collaboration between the BBC and its main rival ITV, among others. It is still in the early stages, but reportedly… Read More

Netflix VPN restriction targets privacy seekers

Open Media, a Canadian internet-advocacy group, published an open letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings today, arguing that Netflix’s recent crackdown on VPN users unfairly targets those who use VPN technology for privacy reasons, rather than those who use VPN to access restricted content. Open Media has the support of almost 45,000 people who have… Read More

How to defeat VPN location-spoofing by mapping network delays

An interesting paper from a PhD student in Ontario outlines a system which in initial tests has proved 97% effective at unmasking geo-spoofing VPN users, such as Netflix customers who fake their geographic location in order to access catalogues outside of their country. The Client Presence Verification (CPV) system presented in the paper [PDF] utilises… Read More

Netflix credits ‘gut instinct’ with original programming success

At today’s Digital-Life-Design conference in Munich, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, stated that instinct is as important as data when it comes to decision making in the original programming arena. A lot of attention has been paid to Netflix’s use of data analytics in creating original programming. In 2013 the New York Times reported the role… Read More