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EU Paramount/Sky ruling may end geoblocking within Europe

The European Commission announced today that it has accepted compromises offered by Paramount Pictures as remedial measures for anti-trust practices in deals that the company struck with Sky TV in the UK. The deal mandates that viewers outside Britain and Ireland be able to access formerly ‘geoblocked’ Paramount content broadcast by Sky UK. The concession,… Read More

Netflix breaks new global licensing ground with 2017 CBS Star Trek series

Netflix has announced that it will be streaming new episodes of the highly-anticipated Star Trek TV reboot within 24 hours of their first network showing when the project launches in early 2017 – in all of its 188 foreign territories. However, north America is excluded from the deal, and Stateside Trek fans will have to… Read More

Now you can save YouTube videos offline overnight – if you’re in India

Google India has announced an innovation to the service it provides for Indian users of its YouTube app, whereby they are able to take advantage of cheaper night-time connectivity rates to download YouTube videos for playback at leisure. The new service, announced at Google India’s official blog, is outlined at a dedicated YouTube page, and… Read More

Maybe it’s time to rethink tech sector monopolies

Last week the UK’s culture secretary John Whittingdale supported the transformation of the BBC’s iPlayer service into a Brit-centric Netflix rival, prompting me to wonder whether we need yet another candidate avid to co-opt the global streaming market which Netflix has aggressively sought to dominate in the past three years. In the case of the… Read More

Netflix faces European content mandate

Video streaming giants Netflix and Amazon are confronting a mandate to change their content. The European Commission has drafted a new policy that states that video streaming companies must ensure 20% of content is European in origin. The new policy, which should be announced next week, requires video on demand streaming companies to be held… Read More