Latest net-zero publications

Net Zero vs. Near Zero Emissions: Negative or Positive?

In this opinion piece, James Rix discusses the concept of Net Zero, its importance, and the various related terms and expressions, as well as offering insights into achieving Net Zero emissions and the role each of us can play in this journey. – – – – – – Understanding Net Zero and Related Terms Over… Read More

Intel pledges to meet net-zero by 2040

Customers of Intel will also benefit from this sustainability drive, as products are set to become more energy efficient as the tech giant continues its work towards increasing product energy efficiency by 10 times for client and server microprocessors.

ReNew Power and RackBank partner for renewable data centre in India

With the completion of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), ReNew will supply RackBank’s hyperscale data centre with renewable energy.

Simultaneously resilient and sustainable Net Zero Data Centres

Over the last decade we have seen numerous individual technologies that improve energy efficiency. Now, we must create sustainable systems with them, writes Susanna Kass, Data Centre Advisor to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals program.