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Universal to license music to SoundCloud in streaming deal

Universal Music Group has agreed to license some of its music to online audio distribution platform SoundCloud – a major step for the popular startup, which has struggled to receive legitimate recognition in the industry. The digital audio service attracts one of the greatest number of online listeners, but has suffered with an early reputation for not… Read More

Unjamming music with convolutional neural networks

Since annual turnover in the music industry stands at an estimated $130bn, Music Information Retrieval (MIR) is a growing branch of academic interest. The need for better-targeted music recommendations alone fuels research because of the commercial interest in recommender systems such as Pandora (powered by the Music Genome Project), but the field also takes in… Read More

Universal Music Group strikes streaming deal with Amazon Prime

Amazon has announced that global music distributor Universal Music Group has allowed mainstream artists from its roster to be made available for Amazon Prime’s music streaming service. The service – which bundles free delivery of Amazon-purchased items with streaming services of third-party and Amazon-produced video content and music for a fixed annual fee – allows… Read More

New music notation system could render modern musical instruments ‘useless’

Musical notes and harmonies are not ‘final discoveries’, like a periodic table of elements, but rather are defined both by the limitations of physical instruments which are able to play them and by the ability of musical notation to transcribe a score into a realistically readable system. Until four centuries ago the use of the… Read More