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Baidu AI Composer creates music inspired by art

Baidu, the Chinese internet giant, has created a new AI program to explore the connection between art and music. The Baidu AI Composer creates original music inspired by different pieces of art, evoking the mood of each picture in a musical representation. According to the promotional video released by Baidu, the Baidu AI Composer uses… Read More

Music streaming sales outstrip digital downloads for first time

Revenues from music streaming has finally surpassed those of digital downloads, according to a report released by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Its ‘News and Notes on 2015’ review [PDF], released yesterday, shows that music streaming in the U.S. brought in 34.3% of the overall revenue for the year – generating $2.4 billion… Read More

Line is pulling former Microsoft streaming service MixRadio

Popular Asian messaging app Line is to shut down MixRadio, 14 months after acquiring the music streaming service from Microsoft. Originally developed by Nokia in 2007, MixRadio has been known under several titles, such as Nokia Music and Nokia MixRadio. The service was acquired by Microsoft in April 2014 [paywalled], as part of the company’s €5.44… Read More

Spotify to launch new video product this week

After first announcing the introduction of a video streaming service in May last year, Spotify is finally launching the feature this week. One of the world’s leading music streaming platforms, the Swedish company has taken its time tinkering with the new product and beta testing it on groups for months, readying it for its widespread… Read More

Seaboard brings the soul to electronic music

A new instrument has been devised to bring soul and emotion back to electronic music. London-based company Roli has accomplished this aim with the creation of the Seaboard. The Seaboard is available in two formats: While the Seaboard Grand is the larger and more expensive, the Seaboard Rise is more affordable and portable. Both formats… Read More