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Pushing the cloud to the limit, with UKFast’s Chris Folkerd

Chris Folkerd is Director of Enterprise Technologies at UK cloud hosting company UKFast. Conceived in the bedroom of a tiny flat just off Manchester’s Oxford Road over twenty years ago,... Read More

Q&A: Cloud management with Jan Puzicha — CTO & SVP Product, LeanIX

As CTO & SVP Product at LeanIX, Jan Puzicha is responsible for product management, UX, development & operations for the company. This involves anything that has to do with creating... Read More

Cloud computing in 2020: views of the industry

When we published our selection of cloud predictions last year, most predicted container orchestrator Kubernetes to consolidate its stranglehold over the container space and, correspondingly, modern cloud infrastructure. Last November,... Read More

Choosing the optimum cloud for your business

In recent times, cloud platforms have rightly taken their seat at the forefront of mainstream IT plans, alongside on-premise servers. Cloud’s ability to enhance business agility, deliver cost savings, open... Read More

5 cloud myths debunked

In order to tap into cloud’s potential, it is imperative for any business to understand the elements of cloud technology and the benefits that it brings to the table. But... Read More

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