Latest multi-cloud publications

Key Problems the Distributed Cloud is Trying to Solve

With hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and distributed cloud all vying for the attention of businesses, making a decision and starting on the cloud journey can be time-consuming and complex. Read More

2021 Playbook: Enforcing Zero Trust for All Identities

Adopting a Zero Trust mindset means organisations are able to ditch the outdated 'trust but verify' approach and instead embrace a ‘never trust, always verify’ security stance, and ensures organisations... Read More

Should CIOs consider Distributed Cloud?

For most businesses, cloud computing exists in three different versions: private, public, or hybrid. However, a fourth type is making waves in the enterprise tech world: distributed cloud. Read More

Innovation and modern apps – why a multi-cloud strategy really matters

By bringing together the world’s leading cloud providers and hyperscalers, multi-cloud is helping organisations become future-ready. Read More

The myth of cloud mobility and a recipe for real agility

Come to the cloud, they said. Come one and come all and enjoy the multifarious models, functions and extensions that cloud computing offers with an infinite promise of agility, mobility... Read More

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