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American’s mobile phone data captured in secret spy programme

The U.S. Department of Justice is gathering mobile phone data from “innocent Americans” using technology which can track criminal suspects using aeroplanes, a Wall Street Journal report has claimed. According to sources familiar with the supposed spying programme, U.S. authorities are using devices known as ‘dirtboxes’ on aeroplanes, which mimic mobile phone towers, to access data… Read More

Hardware-agnostic military comms system is an intriguing prospect for the private sector

Though it boasts one of the most opaque and uninformative of acronyms, Software Reprogrammable Payload (SRP) is among the most ambitious and unsung technologies to filter down from space research into military usage – and to offer potential in the private sector down the line.   SRP is designed to facilitate continuous communication across a range of… Read More

U.S. military develops IED detection training with Xbox Kinect and ‘virtual’ sniffer dogs

The Naval Research Laboratory, the scientific research branch of the U.S. Navy which created TOR in the 1990s, is developing a virtualised training environment for training military dog handlers who must use canine personnel to detect Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in battlefield environments. NRL scientist Adam Moses has used the third version of the U.S. military’s… Read More

Data sovereignty: Indian Air Force smartphone ban forces Xiaomi to announce Indian data centre

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi Inc has promised that it will invest in a new Indian data centre in order to allay criticism from the Indian Air Force that one of its popular models sends private data to servers in Beijing. Last week the IAF advised its personnel and their families not to use Xiaomi’s Redmi 1s… Read More

ItalTel partners with Cisco to win data centre contract for Italian army

ItalTel has been awarded a 2.5mn euro contract for a new data centre for the Italian army (L’Esercito Italiano), which will also involve the creation of an ‘Esercito 2’ portal. The program seeks to develop and modernise EINET, the infrastructure of the Italian army, establishing virtualisation procedures on new hardware, with on-going support commitments. The… Read More